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Ribaritsa resort, Bulgaria
Address: 247 G. Benkovski Str.


+359 899 752646     +359 899 PLANIN

+359 6902 23 32  


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Leisure Activities


Located at an altitude of 600 meters in the valley of the Beli Vit river, the Ribaritsa resort offers numerous opportunities for mountaineering, hiking, picnicing along the river, fishing, biking, mountain safari ...
In the
immediate vicinity is the entrance to the Central Balkans National Park; numerous hiking trails meander through the park, leading to the Echo, Vejen, Benkovski, and Vasilyov mountain chalets, the Boatin and Goat Wall nature reserves, and other precious corners of the majestic Balkan.

Day trip opportunities abound. The following is just a small selection of some of the sights in the area that stand no more than 30 to 40 minutes away from Ribaritsa and await you:

  •  Teteven Monastery

  •  Glojen Monastery

  •  Troyan Monastery

  •  Artisan village of Oreshak

  •  Renaissance city of Lovech

  •  Shipkovo spa and thermal baths

  •  Saeva Dupka cave

  • Rope park Teteven

  • Teteven and Ribaritsa waterfalls

The hotel's Game Room offers you entertainment in both good and bad weather.

  • Table Tennis

  • Table football

  • Outdoor Trampoline

  • Backgammon

  • Chess and other games.


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